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    Others Trustinvesting
    Trustinvesting absconded

    Trustinvesting absconded

    BIT1868148934 Published in China
    Others DRC
    This platform is unavailable

    Can't open. Dos it abscond?

    BIT4187289543 Published in China
    Scam PFI

    PFI was launched on DigiFinex. If you buy the coin, you can not sell it. The trading volume is fake. Do not be cheated.

    BIT7240919282 Published in China
    Others Trustinvesting
    Can't fnd wallet

    Please return my coin

    BIT2779267906 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to Withdraw DRAGONEX
    Unable to Withdraw Coin

    The price of U is only be half. You can deposit but can’t withdraw.

    好好玩 Published in China
    Others No.7 Exchange
    No.7 Exchange: This may be a scam. The customer service just deleted me

    It’s said that 100u+5u could be given to me.And I could withdraw funds if I profit 400. However, I tried to register with my real name at 8:00-9:00, yesterday morning. But I failed. The customer service said this issue was being solved. But he deleted me this morning.

    BIT4090800789 Published in China
    Others Trustinvesting
    The account has been blocked. Unable to login

    The customer service is disabled, too. I don’t know what does this broker mean

    宝丁 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw No.7 Exchange
    Unable to withdraw coin. The customer service didn’t answer

    No explanation yet

    BIT2151894247 Published in China
    Others BIM
    Unable to login

    I can’t log in for days without a notice. They may abscond.

    BIT5448116332 Published in China
    Scam YFIB
    Token Scam

    They hold a campaign about the token and it ended on February 28. I asked the customer service and there is his answer.

    BIT3513802314 Published in China
    Resolved BTC-Alpha
    Look at this exchange. Fan Zhang

    I have trusted this exchange for three years. And now there are actuals of $1,000 but I can’t take it... They asked us to buy air coin as token but we can’t withdraw after buying it.

    BIT1264217079 Published in China
    Scam TRX
    Do not invest projects in TRX

    Create a TRX wallet in the TP or IM wallet, find BZB in the discovery, click to enter, activate the permanent mining machine with 100trx, and then add the customer service WeChat to provide screenshots as required, and the customer service will return 100trx, which is equivalent to a free mining machine, mining 0.1 per day BZB, currently open trading pairs on the justswap decentralized exchange, worth 1.6U/piece, other exchanges are already popular, this is to lie to you trx coins

    BIT4091576565 Published in China
    Scam WKB
    I paid 22,000 dong to BTC to mine

    But I still can't use it. Please return my money

    BIT1578618282 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved NEXT.EXCHANGE
    The exchange absconded. Unable to withdraw

    The token which was published by Apollo Chain and supporeted by Manzi Xue has been listd on NEXT. But this exchange seemed to abscond

    BIT3486461660 Published in China
    Others CRV

    I just invested the miner and the app is disabled. What happened?

    BIT1949322276 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw HOTBIT
    I forgot to fill in the ID when I deposited in HOTBIT. I asked for customer service's help. But they asked me to wait for three months or six months.

    I forgot to fill in the ID number of the hotbit exchange deposit coins, ask the customer service for help, reply me, let me wait for 3 months or 6 months to process it for me after waiting so long, won’t the exchange forget it? ? The currency recharge did not arrive in the account, all the information required by the customer service of the Axi value, recharge currency, receiving currency address, account recharge record, all screenshots were sent to the official customer service by email, and they were all provided to the customer service . The customer service can manually help the currency into the account, why do I need to wait for several months to recharge the currency? There is no other way? It feels abnormal, and it can be regarded as a lesson to buy,,, what is the matter with this exchange? ? Alas, I can only wait slowly, maybe I will receive the coins in 6 months? ?

    BIT1648928644 Published in China
    Scam 1inch

    Recently, there have been YILB... UNI and so on. The scammers who change the letter every day to cheat you, let you participate in this campaign, and crowdfunding. You will be fooled when you buy the coin. Wait until you buy the coin. In a few days, the URL is black and it can’t be opened. It’s a scam. There are many such scammers coming out every day. Popular coins change letters to scam you ETH

    BIT1809528159 Published in China
    Scam 雅视
    雅视 already absconded

    雅视 has become a hot topic this year. It also pretends to be under Yahoo! Yahoo is no longer in China, and they don’t lack this money. They still look for celebrity endorsements. Don’t think that celebrity endorsements are reliable, celebrities only earn advertising expenses. , The others are okay to others. It's not to ask a celebrity to rant, this project must be guaranteed by the celebrity. The previous Mile, Fire Bull...etc. short video projects either run off or crash, don't be fooled anymore. Today, I suddenly opened the Yashi APP, various network connections failed, and obviously ran away by unplugging the network cable...and Yaxun’s own chat software "YaXun" is also a bunch of garbled codes...

    BIT3199772870 Published in China
    Scam coingate
    coingate cheats much money! Please stay away!

    coingate cheats much money! Please stay away!

    BIT2116505792 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw ZT GLOBAL
    Sell fake coins

    The zt exchange often sells counterfeit coins, and will not allow withdrawals since it was launched, and then list the coins at a high price, and the data will be smashed, and after a period of time, they will not mention them because they have no coins. If tu ask, they are maintaining the node. The scammer exchange deceived a lot of people, everyone should be careful

    BIT7746033320 Published in China
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