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    Others Curve
    Unable to login

    Can't login for three to four days

    BIT1541299007 Published in China
    Others BNT
    BNT can change your password. Do not trust it

    BNT can change your password. Do not trust it

    BIT3469005766 Published in China
    Others COINBENE

    Registering to send 100u is completely a scam and deceptive to register!

    BIT3132012070 Published in China
    Others BtcTurk

    Mining machine mode. The main product is to sell mining machines, but I can’t get in for a few months. There are many kinds of projects now, and most of them are opened by Chinese people. Most of the stocks have no funds and no pattern, and they will run as soon as they are cut off. The old irons have sharpened their eyes and reinvested

    BIT1958711402 Published in China
    Others ZT GLOBAL

    Don't treat us kindly. The so-called candy, BonBon, hasn't appeared for over 20 days.

    BIT3472725180 Published in China
    Others BTDX
    BTDX closed their servers and absconded

    Cannot open, the software official website is all 502 errors, the behavior of shutting down the server. Liar broker

    BIT2585949888 Published in China
    Others ZT GLOBAL
    Obviously a scam

    BFC was listed and started trading, and it fell by 90% three days later

    BIT1090942308 Published in China
    Others 算力峰
    Bitcoin Withdrawal

    Withdrawal requirements: up to 0.01BTC, minimum of 0.03BTD, is this funny?

    BIT1955517383 Published in China
    Others YFIM
    Fraud project YFIL

    I knew this project last October. They raised money in the name of forkerd token. I bought Ethereum and I just wanna take a chance. But this is a scam. The organizer raised hundreds of Ethereum and absconded with endless countdown. And later, there is no news. Think twice before you invest! This is a great example.

    BIT4211676648 Published in China
    Others Trustinvesting
    Trustinvesting absconded

    Trustinvesting absconded

    BIT1868148934 Published in China
    Others DRC
    This platform is unavailable

    Can't open. Dos it abscond?

    BIT4187289543 Published in China
    Others Trustinvesting
    Can't fnd wallet

    Please return my coin

    BIT2779267906 Published in Vietnam
    Others No.7 Exchange
    No.7 Exchange: This may be a scam. The customer service just deleted me

    It’s said that 100u+5u could be given to me.And I could withdraw funds if I profit 400. However, I tried to register with my real name at 8:00-9:00, yesterday morning. But I failed. The customer service said this issue was being solved. But he deleted me this morning.

    BIT4090800789 Published in China
    Others Trustinvesting
    The account has been blocked. Unable to login

    The customer service is disabled, too. I don’t know what does this broker mean

    宝丁 Published in China
    Others BIM
    Unable to login

    I can’t log in for days without a notice. They may abscond.

    BIT5448116332 Published in China
    Others CRV

    I just invested the miner and the app is disabled. What happened?

    BIT1949322276 Published in China
    Resolved 红牛交易所
    Air con everywhere in this exchange

    Air con everywhere in this exchange

    BIT4305571502 Published in China
    Others Huobi Global
    Network Disconnection

    This situation happened several times. These two screenshots aren't the same say. Unable to trade.

    gzz82 Published in China
    Resolved Huobi Global
    Network disconnection again?

    The network can not be connected on Huobi Global

    BIT2822696179 Published in China
    Others OKEX
    No reaction sometimes

    It may abscond. Think twice before you invest...

    BIT2399950508 Published in China
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      • Unable to Withdraw
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