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    Resolved BIM
    BIM closed accounts at random. Stay away

    BIM closed accounts at random. Stay away

    BIT2552935912 Published in China
    Resolved 雅视
    Pyramid scheme

    To invest in Y雅视. Defrauding family members, sell gold and car, bankruptcy

    nimmmmm Published in China
    Scam OKEX
    OK Exchange

    There is a risk of stealing your coin in OKEX. Participate in the Ok airdrop, and automatically sell the currency without the user’s knowledge

    BIT7508554822 Published in China
    Scam 青蛙钱包
    青蛙钱包 absconded

    Compared to some current mining machine boards, Frog Wallet uses the concept of "DeFi pledge". But they are playing on decentralized exchanges Although the platform is also known as a decentralized wallet, it is actually a centralized APP that scams under the banner of DeFi. This is not a DeFi project at all, it is actually a ZJP. At the beginning of the game, the profits were very high and attracted a large number of people. Basically all the players who started playing were profitable, but the ones who entered the market later were all leeks. On November 16th, it was difficult to withdraw coins. The project party said that the withdrawal of coins was suspended due to system upgrades and maintenance, and then on the 20th, they were attacked by hackers. But we have seen so many projects, and we all understand these. Once we say that something has been hacked, it is basically a runaway. In addition, whether it is the so-called 3,000% annualized rate of return or the Frog Wallet FGC pull head revenue model, it is in line with the characteristics of the MLM wallet project: high returns, high returns, white paper plagiarism and fraud. And this kind of dish, no matter how flickered in the early stage, will end up in a crash in the end in the later stage.

    BIT2551766534 Published in China
    Resolved Huobi Global
    Huobi doesn't give away the tokens

    The iost community has issued DON coins to the exchanges that submitted the addresses on the 3.4th, but Huobi has been quiet. Although there are not a few coins, the official credibility is gone at all

    BIT2275547086 Published in China
    Scam JULD
    Close the account. Cheat your money

    JULD. I saw that if you finished its campaign, you could earn 550 JULD. But later, this account was closed.

    矿主 Published in China
    Scam PFI

    PFI was launched on DigiFinex. If you buy the coin, you can not sell it. The trading volume is fake. Do not be cheated.

    BIT7240919282 Published in China
    Scam YFIB
    Token Scam

    They hold a campaign about the token and it ended on February 28. I asked the customer service and there is his answer.

    BIT3513802314 Published in China
    Scam TRX
    Do not invest projects in TRX

    Create a TRX wallet in the TP or IM wallet, find BZB in the discovery, click to enter, activate the permanent mining machine with 100trx, and then add the customer service WeChat to provide screenshots as required, and the customer service will return 100trx, which is equivalent to a free mining machine, mining 0.1 per day BZB, currently open trading pairs on the justswap decentralized exchange, worth 1.6U/piece, other exchanges are already popular, this is to lie to you trx coins

    BIT4091576565 Published in China
    Scam WKB
    I paid 22,000 dong to BTC to mine

    But I still can't use it. Please return my money

    BIT1578618282 Published in Vietnam
    Scam 1inch

    Recently, there have been YILB... UNI and so on. The scammers who change the letter every day to cheat you, let you participate in this campaign, and crowdfunding. You will be fooled when you buy the coin. Wait until you buy the coin. In a few days, the URL is black and it can’t be opened. It’s a scam. There are many such scammers coming out every day. Popular coins change letters to scam you ETH

    BIT1809528159 Published in China
    Scam 雅视
    雅视 already absconded

    雅视 has become a hot topic this year. It also pretends to be under Yahoo! Yahoo is no longer in China, and they don’t lack this money. They still look for celebrity endorsements. Don’t think that celebrity endorsements are reliable, celebrities only earn advertising expenses. , The others are okay to others. It's not to ask a celebrity to rant, this project must be guaranteed by the celebrity. The previous Mile, Fire Bull...etc. short video projects either run off or crash, don't be fooled anymore. Today, I suddenly opened the Yashi APP, various network connections failed, and obviously ran away by unplugging the network cable...and Yaxun’s own chat software "YaXun" is also a bunch of garbled codes...

    BIT3199772870 Published in China
    Scam coingate
    coingate cheats much money! Please stay away!

    coingate cheats much money! Please stay away!

    BIT2116505792 Published in China
    Resolved UNI
    Fake investment on grounds of UNI

    Repeatedly refresh the airdrop time and the time on the spot, cheating crowdfunding. ETH balance 275.01373416 ETH scammers have defrauded 275ETH

    BIT2167921141 Published in China
    Scam ZKS
    Air Coin

    Huobi's new currency on February 18, 2021! In the early stage, the market was pulled for 1 week, and later it was said that there was a 1:1 airdrop! From 09:59 to 10:00 on February 25, 2020, it plummeted by 50% in one minute! ! There is a video recorded! Unfortunately can't upload

    BIT7731678602 Published in China
    Resolved ZKS
    At the beginning, the price went up. But then the banker makes the price drop a lot

    The price went up for a week and then down by 50% on day. This must be a trap.

    BIT1896876447 Published in China
    Scam korbit
    korbit300 sucks

    It claimed that it was a Koreanproject while it freezes many users' accounts now! The customer service doesn't reply!

    币圈的我们 Published in China
    Scam BTD
    BTD sucks. Treat people like fools.

    It's said that 100U would be given if we register. However, the 100U was converted to coputer power now. And only the computer power exceeds 100 can we receive it.Only foolish guy will top up here

    BIT7691908242 Published in China
    Scam EP
    Have to check EP srticktly

    EP made 50,000 people to deposit 500U but now it can't be opened.

    阿布扎比 Published in China
    Scam WIN

    WIN is a fraud platform. They said they would give us 8 tokens if one guy registered here with our recommendation. I invited 158 people with my friend. But I got no token. They haven't notified us that their policy was changed. Do not buy any coin here! Some people bought it but later, the priceof it collapsed to 1%!

    BIT3634840933 Published in China
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