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    Unable to Withdraw BTE
    Keep embezzling money!! Unable to withdraw coins!

    Bte was very popular in the first half of 2020. Through the pyramid model, 19 communities have been consolidated, with more than 12 million users, and each user needs to invest 6,300 yuan. Last year, on July 18, 2020, the registration was suddenly stopped, and the site was not removed. As previously stated, it can be withdrawn at any time. Later, I will appease everyone and say that they can definitely be evacuated. As of today, March 8, 2021, they still cannot be evacuated and refunded. In August 2020, the intranet was changed to a new model, pledged mining. If everyone wants to successfully pledge mining, they must invest another 6,300 to light up the miner’s lamp. About 20% of the more than 12 million users light up the miner’s lamp. After digging for 3 months, they will stop all withdrawals on the intranet. Everyone I can’t bring up the coins. I bought the coins for 20-30 US dollars on the ZG exchange before and mentioned the intranet to pledge mining. Up to now, the intranet still can’t bring out the coins. Some scalpers have tried to propose it before, but The cost of withdrawal is much higher than the value of the currency itself. In December 2020, it has been said that a new public chain will come out. It was said that all the pigeons were released when the public chain came out 5 times. The publicity was very high. More than 200 organizations around the world launched together. Everyone stayed until the middle of the night. , Because they say that the time abroad is different. Later, a LinkedIn wallet (another new intranet) came out, and then the foundation deliberately notified the management of the error message, asking everyone to transfer all the coins from the exchange to the LinkedIn wallet, saying that all the exchanges will be owned in 3 days. All bte coins will be removed from the shelves. In addition, those who transfer in early will enjoy a high exchange rate. After 3 days, the exchange rate will drop. Within 3 days after the notification, tens of millions of exchange coins will be transferred to the LinkedIn wallet, and then the foundation will again I came out and said that the management had misunderstood the meaning, not that it was going to be removed. Anyway, these coins still cannot be transferred to normal exchanges, and they have not been withdrawn. According to my knowledge for more than a year, the first 18 of the 19 communities are basically old aunts and uncles over 50 years old. They don’t understand blockchain at all, don’t understand digital currency, and they have a group of deaf-mute friends. , The new community is dominated by Baoma, and one person came in and pulled a family. . In the end, I can't get the money back now. I invested 180,000 yuan and I didn't get a cent back. The main person in charge of the foundation is all in Leshan, Sichuan. Whether people over there don’t know, and the coin blue exchange was also organized by them.

    BIT3910834506 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw DOGE
    No withdraw.

    invested in the website https://dogeminer.ltd/ 1200 Dogecoin I can only withdraw the coin 8 times. And 5 more times, I didn't get any response. No message sent to me what happened. I want everyone to be careful

    JRZcoin Published in Thailand
    Unable to Withdraw cryptowinningcoinsfx

    Good Day I have invested over R80000 with Cryptowinningcoinsfx & when comes to getting my profit each time have excuse need to pay this fee & my broker Karen says you have to pay this fee due to get your profit, just got tired of hearing that profit cause there was no profit only investing your earned money, Karen from California on Instagram so please anyone comes across don't listen to any of her lies & stories and Cryptowinningcoinsfx biggest scammers of all don't invest with the company

    FXFCRsed2338 Published in South Africa
    Unable to Withdraw DeerDex
    Cheat 30,000 coins with an explanation that they were attacked by hacker

    At first, you are unable to withdraw the coin and then your data will be deleted. You can't even search the relevant info now

    BIT8834536902 Published in China
    Resolved MT
    The withdrawal hasn't arrived

    I believe that someone know this platform. There is a campaign on this platform. They give away MT Coin. You can see the rules from the following picture. Someone advertised this platform to get the coin. But you can not withdraw the MT Coin. Besides, I could withdraw coin at first. And it arrived within 30 minutes. So I trusted this paltform, While now, I can't.

    锕乐 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw DRAGONEX
    Unable to Withdraw Coin

    The price of U is only be half. You can deposit but can’t withdraw.

    好好玩 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw No.7 Exchange
    Unable to withdraw coin. The customer service didn’t answer

    No explanation yet

    BIT2151894247 Published in China
    Resolved BTC-Alpha
    Look at this exchange. Fan Zhang

    I have trusted this exchange for three years. And now there are actuals of $1,000 but I can’t take it... They asked us to buy air coin as token but we can’t withdraw after buying it.

    BIT1264217079 Published in China
    Resolved NEXT.EXCHANGE
    The exchange absconded. Unable to withdraw

    The token which was published by Apollo Chain and supporeted by Manzi Xue has been listd on NEXT. But this exchange seemed to abscond

    BIT3486461660 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw HOTBIT
    I forgot to fill in the ID when I deposited in HOTBIT. I asked for customer service's help. But they asked me to wait for three months or six months.

    I forgot to fill in the ID number of the hotbit exchange deposit coins, ask the customer service for help, reply me, let me wait for 3 months or 6 months to process it for me after waiting so long, won’t the exchange forget it? ? The currency recharge did not arrive in the account, all the information required by the customer service of the Axi value, recharge currency, receiving currency address, account recharge record, all screenshots were sent to the official customer service by email, and they were all provided to the customer service . The customer service can manually help the currency into the account, why do I need to wait for several months to recharge the currency? There is no other way? It feels abnormal, and it can be regarded as a lesson to buy,,, what is the matter with this exchange? ? Alas, I can only wait slowly, maybe I will receive the coins in 6 months? ?

    BIT1648928644 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw ZT GLOBAL
    Sell fake coins

    The zt exchange often sells counterfeit coins, and will not allow withdrawals since it was launched, and then list the coins at a high price, and the data will be smashed, and after a period of time, they will not mention them because they have no coins. If tu ask, they are maintaining the node. The scammer exchange deceived a lot of people, everyone should be careful

    BIT7746033320 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw TRX

    Before the 25th, the available balance was 5000, but after the 25th, including the 25th, the balance became unavailable. You still need 400trx to activate the account. I transferred 400 and didn’t receive anything. The fake fake customer service didn’t respond.

    BIT9974799220 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Trustinvesting
    Unable to withdraw

    Can't withdraw the token

    BIT3666393172 Published in Thailand
    Unable to Withdraw Hoo
    No reaction after I applied for withdrawal

    It takes hours to withdraw funds. I searched on the internet and found that many people didn't receive their withdrawals.

    BIT1207287882 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw ZT GLOBAL
    The tokens haven't arrived which are over ten days overdue. The customer service kept shrinking their responsibility and hung up

    Do not waste your time here.

    BIT3168022770 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw CRO
    not transfer token

    token not transfer not exchange service bad stuck here

    BIT2223896822 Published in India
    Unable to Withdraw VB Global
    Fraud Exchange

    I bought VBT on 111 on July 26, 2020. I lost and there was just over 100U left. But 1U was required if I used TRC20 channel.

    BIT3327921312 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw CoinW
    37,000 Doge can not be traded cuz it has been frozen

    The customer service was so perfunctory and no one solves this problem

    BIT2750379136 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw CVN
    cannot withdraw cvn

    Registered to send 1000 coins to the machine, played for more than half a year. It has been said that free users do not enable flash withdrawals. You have to pay for a mining machine

    BIT2346197156 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Yanbi
    Yanbi exchange, Freeze account without reason

    Yanbi Exchange, account was frozen without reason, unable to trade, customer service kicked the ball

    BIT2342125090 Published in China
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