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    Unable to Withdraw BTE
    Keep embezzling money!! Unable to withdraw coins!

    Bte was very popular in the first half of 2020. Through the pyramid model, 19 communities have been consolidated, with more than 12 million users, and each user needs to invest 6,300 yuan. Last year, on July 18, 2020, the registration was suddenly stopped, and the site was not removed. As previously stated, it can be withdrawn at any time. Later, I will appease everyone and say that they can definitely be evacuated. As of today, March 8, 2021, they still cannot be evacuated and refunded. In August 2020, the intranet was changed to a new model, pledged mining. If everyone wants to successfully pledge mining, they must invest another 6,300 to light up the miner’s lamp. About 20% of the more than 12 million users light up the miner’s lamp. After digging for 3 months, they will stop all withdrawals on the intranet. Everyone I can’t bring up the coins. I bought the coins for 20-30 US dollars on the ZG exchange before and mentioned the intranet to pledge mining. Up to now, the intranet still can’t bring out the coins. Some scalpers have tried to propose it before, but The cost of withdrawal is much higher than the value of the currency itself. In December 2020, it has been said that a new public chain will come out. It was said that all the pigeons were released when the public chain came out 5 times. The publicity was very high. More than 200 organizations around the world launched together. Everyone stayed until the middle of the night. , Because they say that the time abroad is different. Later, a LinkedIn wallet (another new intranet) came out, and then the foundation deliberately notified the management of the error message, asking everyone to transfer all the coins from the exchange to the LinkedIn wallet, saying that all the exchanges will be owned in 3 days. All bte coins will be removed from the shelves. In addition, those who transfer in early will enjoy a high exchange rate. After 3 days, the exchange rate will drop. Within 3 days after the notification, tens of millions of exchange coins will be transferred to the LinkedIn wallet, and then the foundation will again I came out and said that the management had misunderstood the meaning, not that it was going to be removed. Anyway, these coins still cannot be transferred to normal exchanges, and they have not been withdrawn. According to my knowledge for more than a year, the first 18 of the 19 communities are basically old aunts and uncles over 50 years old. They don’t understand blockchain at all, don’t understand digital currency, and they have a group of deaf-mute friends. , The new community is dominated by Baoma, and one person came in and pulled a family. . In the end, I can't get the money back now. I invested 180,000 yuan and I didn't get a cent back. The main person in charge of the foundation is all in Leshan, Sichuan. Whether people over there don’t know, and the coin blue exchange was also organized by them.

    BIT3910834506 Published in China
    Others Curve
    Unable to login

    Can't login for three to four days

    BIT1541299007 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw DOGE
    No withdraw.

    invested in the website https://dogeminer.ltd/ 1200 Dogecoin I can only withdraw the coin 8 times. And 5 more times, I didn't get any response. No message sent to me what happened. I want everyone to be careful

    JRZcoin Published in Thailand
    Others BNT
    BNT can change your password. Do not trust it

    BNT can change your password. Do not trust it

    BIT3469005766 Published in China
    Others COINBENE

    Registering to send 100u is completely a scam and deceptive to register!

    BIT3132012070 Published in China
    Others BtcTurk

    Mining machine mode. The main product is to sell mining machines, but I can’t get in for a few months. There are many kinds of projects now, and most of them are opened by Chinese people. Most of the stocks have no funds and no pattern, and they will run as soon as they are cut off. The old irons have sharpened their eyes and reinvested

    BIT1958711402 Published in China
    Others ZT GLOBAL

    Don't treat us kindly. The so-called candy, BonBon, hasn't appeared for over 20 days.

    BIT3472725180 Published in China
    Others BTDX
    BTDX closed their servers and absconded

    Cannot open, the software official website is all 502 errors, the behavior of shutting down the server. Liar broker

    BIT2585949888 Published in China
    Others ZT GLOBAL
    Obviously a scam

    BFC was listed and started trading, and it fell by 90% three days later

    BIT1090942308 Published in China
    Resolved BIM
    BIM closed accounts at random. Stay away

    BIM closed accounts at random. Stay away

    BIT2552935912 Published in China
    Others 算力峰
    Bitcoin Withdrawal

    Withdrawal requirements: up to 0.01BTC, minimum of 0.03BTD, is this funny?

    BIT1955517383 Published in China
    Resolved 雅视
    Pyramid scheme

    To invest in Y雅视. Defrauding family members, sell gold and car, bankruptcy

    nimmmmm Published in China
    Scam OKEX
    OK Exchange

    There is a risk of stealing your coin in OKEX. Participate in the Ok airdrop, and automatically sell the currency without the user’s knowledge

    BIT7508554822 Published in China
    Scam 青蛙钱包
    青蛙钱包 absconded

    Compared to some current mining machine boards, Frog Wallet uses the concept of "DeFi pledge". But they are playing on decentralized exchanges Although the platform is also known as a decentralized wallet, it is actually a centralized APP that scams under the banner of DeFi. This is not a DeFi project at all, it is actually a ZJP. At the beginning of the game, the profits were very high and attracted a large number of people. Basically all the players who started playing were profitable, but the ones who entered the market later were all leeks. On November 16th, it was difficult to withdraw coins. The project party said that the withdrawal of coins was suspended due to system upgrades and maintenance, and then on the 20th, they were attacked by hackers. But we have seen so many projects, and we all understand these. Once we say that something has been hacked, it is basically a runaway. In addition, whether it is the so-called 3,000% annualized rate of return or the Frog Wallet FGC pull head revenue model, it is in line with the characteristics of the MLM wallet project: high returns, high returns, white paper plagiarism and fraud. And this kind of dish, no matter how flickered in the early stage, will end up in a crash in the end in the later stage.

    BIT2551766534 Published in China
    Resolved Huobi Global
    Huobi doesn't give away the tokens

    The iost community has issued DON coins to the exchanges that submitted the addresses on the 3.4th, but Huobi has been quiet. Although there are not a few coins, the official credibility is gone at all

    BIT2275547086 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw cryptowinningcoinsfx

    Good Day I have invested over R80000 with Cryptowinningcoinsfx & when comes to getting my profit each time have excuse need to pay this fee & my broker Karen says you have to pay this fee due to get your profit, just got tired of hearing that profit cause there was no profit only investing your earned money, Karen from California on Instagram so please anyone comes across don't listen to any of her lies & stories and Cryptowinningcoinsfx biggest scammers of all don't invest with the company

    FXFCRsed2338 Published in South Africa
    Scam JULD
    Close the account. Cheat your money

    JULD. I saw that if you finished its campaign, you could earn 550 JULD. But later, this account was closed.

    矿主 Published in China
    Others YFIM
    Fraud project YFIL

    I knew this project last October. They raised money in the name of forkerd token. I bought Ethereum and I just wanna take a chance. But this is a scam. The organizer raised hundreds of Ethereum and absconded with endless countdown. And later, there is no news. Think twice before you invest! This is a great example.

    BIT4211676648 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw DeerDex
    Cheat 30,000 coins with an explanation that they were attacked by hacker

    At first, you are unable to withdraw the coin and then your data will be deleted. You can't even search the relevant info now

    BIT8834536902 Published in China
    Resolved MT
    The withdrawal hasn't arrived

    I believe that someone know this platform. There is a campaign on this platform. They give away MT Coin. You can see the rules from the following picture. Someone advertised this platform to get the coin. But you can not withdraw the MT Coin. Besides, I could withdraw coin at first. And it arrived within 30 minutes. So I trusted this paltform, While now, I can't.

    锕乐 Published in China
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