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    BKEX exchange has another problem, cannot withdraw

    Two days ago, someone broke the news that they had deposited 100,000 to BKEX exchange, and then made a profit of 100,000 through their own operations, and prepared to withdraw the cash. The exchange did not even permit the withdrawal, and the customer service did not reply for a long time. The reason given was that the account was suspected of being abnormal. To unfreeze transactions, all assets in the account must be deducted. You read that right, all assets are deducted, including the principal that you have deposited. What kind of operation is this? This is public robbery. I have operated on many exchanges, and I have multiple 10x coins, and it is not considered an illegal operation. Why does this happen on BKEX? Please explain how your exchange recognizes illegal transactions. Does buying at low prices and selling at high prices are illegal? Even if it violates the regulations, you just deduct the profit. Why do you deduct all the assets? Everyone needs to see clearly that the operation of freezing accounts after profit has occurred more than once in BKEX. In addition to misbehaving on its own exchange, some time ago, when Huobi HECO was relatively popular, BKEX also launched the Book.finance project. It is not free. If you want to mine, you need to buy coins, but investors continue to buy coins but find that the price of the coin is not rising. It turned out that the project party secretly issued additional coins into the pool for mining, and then kept selling dozens or a hundred at a time. Please stay away from BKEX. Everyone knows that BKEX was founded by Ji Jingyan, Ji Bohan, Yuan Jinxing and others. In the past few years, their reputation has been so bad that there is no pattern.

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