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    BIT1616722206 Broker
    Released in China

    Fake trading data.

    The stock price trading board regularly displays and hides the virtual quotation. The real investor’s pending orders are always displayed unchanged, while other data is displayed and disappeared from time to time, with regularity, and the data trend curve further proves that the upper shadow lines are done manually by the background It came out, and it was very regular, and it was the same for several days. You can see the screenshot of the real stock market. When the real investor buys at a low price and the high order is ready to sell, the upper shadow line no longer appears. Observed all morning. In the previous 15 minutes, the trend line was compared with the upper shadow line, and the high point was around 5.2. When real investors entered the market and placed orders for 5.1 — 5.3, several price levels were tested, and the stock price never reached this position and the transaction continued. Half a day is enough to prove the fake market. I don't know how many air coins like this are still on Watt, so everyone must be careful.

    The following is the original
    证据确凿 ,交易数据虚假,后台人为设定价格,



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