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    Unable to Withdraw 58COIN
    Can't withdraw funds

    It has been three days and still peding. The customer service asked me to wait patiently. Speechless

    股票 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw MXC
    The withdrawal of MXC can't arrive

    The broker asked me to offer deposit history in case of money laundering. But they said the histori mismatched after I offered the deposit history without a resolution. Now the customer service doesn't apply to me.

    股票 Published in China
    Others XT.COM
    The coins haven't been credited to my account

    And the customer service is out of contact!

    BIT2199034973 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Skrill
    The biggest scam!!

    Skrill and their team are ridiculous unprofessional, they take all the emails to automated response with no sense, and if you fight for your money they will close your account without letting withdraw!!!WITHOUT WITHDRAW!!!!!!RUN AWAY

    FXBDLvbf0482 Published in Portugal
    Others BIKI

    The transation has been successfully traded in the transaction record, but the currency in the account is still the same at several prices. Only small and high prices are sold at the same time. Large transactions have not been successfully completed, but they have been traded in the system catalog... .

    BIT3557001442 Published in South Korea
    Unable to Withdraw USB
    The app is disabled. Did it anscond?

    What's wrong with USB? On May 1st, the official account was cancelled. On May 22nd, the exchange closed the deposit and withdrawal. Then the software remained unknown and could not be opened. On May 31st, the name of the exchange group was also changed. A lot of giants, did you run away so quickly? I just bought more than 20 spaces and haven't produced any coins yet?

    BIT2931687122 Published in China
    Others GEC
    Did GEC abscond?

    The web address has been disabled for several days

    BIT2931687122 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Bilaxy
    The platform ascond

    Profit at the beginning and trick u into investing more. The mining rig was cheat because of the campaign on June 15. But now we can't login

    BIT9664480462 Published in China
    Others OKEX
    okex is fake.

    Okex did a great job. After raising a lot of money, they ran away. The raised coins were all between 1 yuan and more than a dozen yuan. After the last two years, they couldn't find it. It turned out to be air coins. Now OK is still on hyc and hycon. The coin seems to be raised at a price of more than 90 cents at the time, and now 0.0006 is still hanging out. Platforms such as okex should go bankrupt

    BIT1042794738 Published in China
    Others MXC
    MXC dumped by customers’ coins

    The aim of MXC is to make money

    BIT3690025485 Published in China
    Scam IMMEX
    I have been cheated by IMMEX. The teacher here gives adverse recommendations, making positions wiped out

    The fraud exchange will contact u via WeChat and sent u some screenshots about profitable orders. And then they will invite u to follow them. But actually, this is a scam. If you copy their orders, you will be asked to put a lot of money here with heavy positions. And they will ask u to add money in the middle. In the end, your position will be wiped out and you will lose money. Do not be cheated

    BIT3767881653 Published in China
    Others GUSDT
    False information

    At a price of 13 US dollars, the actual price of Manbinet is so different, does the platform give you a rebate?

    BIT3886800314 Published in China
    Others SCEX
    Make us liquidated by manipulating the candlestick. Lose a lot

    We followed the teacher, Wu Ming, to trade on June 3. We lost with the first transaction. However, we should have profited with the second transaction, but we didn’t because of the inconsistent candlestick. The platform doesn’t wanna help us.

    BIT2650816325 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Skrill

    Skrill apparently decided to close my account without a notice based on their beliefs. Upon contact with the company and compliance referring that money has been sent to brokers and have to return the same way, they refuse to clear any information to help, instead they reply based on automatic emails with random meanings. BE AWARE BECAUSE THEY WILL CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AND KEEP THE MONEY!!!!!RUN AWAY

    BIT2033246435 Published in Portugal
    Others BKEX
    BKEX, a fraud exchange! The people in charge: Ji Jiaming. Freeze users' accounts and embezzle their money. Can't unfreeze it

    BKEX, a fraud exchange! The people in charge: Ji Jiaming. Freeze users' accounts and embezzle their money. Can't unfreeze it

    BIT1917057689 Published in China
    Scam OCC
    OCC Wallet

    The airdropped magpies were cleared, not one or two. All the friends I invited were cleared.

    BIT2146919536 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw VAL
    Unable to withdraw

    How dare I pledge if I can't withdraw coins? How can I invest in such projects? They all say the handling fee is zero, I withdrew coins according to your rules, why can't I withdraw coins? I advise you to run early. The project team only listens to good things and dare not recognize the shortcomings. It will be over sooner or later.

    BIT7347867220 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw LOEX
    Can withdraw coins but can't deposit funds

    The situation has lasted for 2 months

    BIT2069492538 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Zeus
    Unable to withdraw coins

    On June 6, it was said that the system was upgraded, and it has been unable to withdraw coins. Now there is no online customer service

    BIT1599626343 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw POC
    Unable to withdraw

    It has been delayed for two years and I have not been able to withdraw coins!

    BIT2954523296 Published in China
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