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    iiiio Trader
    Released in China

    Misleading contract operation

    The operation of Ouyi's contract is different from other platforms. If you want to close a position, only stop loss and stop profit can be triggered. Do not close the position or your contract has just triggered the stop profit and close position. The operation of their platform is your contract. The open and close system that has already appeared on the market will automatically open a new contract for you. It’s too disgusting. The other platform’s liquidation is the direct exit of Ouyi’s position. The system will automatically advise you to open a new contract when you have not made a contract. Don't trade on this garbage platform

    The following is the original
    欧易的合约操作方式和别的平台不同 你想要平仓只能挂止损 止盈才会触发 千万不要挂平仓 不然你的合约刚触发止盈 挂平仓他们平台的操作就是 你合约已经出场 那个挂平仓 系统会自动给你开新的合约 太恶心人了 别的平台平仓就是直接出场的 欧易的 平仓是在你没做合约的时候 系统会自动给你开新合约 建议别玩这个垃圾平台



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