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    零撸党 Brokers
    Released in China

    T1 raises the price maliciously. Difficult to withdraw

    The platform has frequently revised the withdrawal rules in the past two months, and even raise the price at the transaction location. On the basis of the same income, the price of the T1 mining machine was raised twice. In addition, according to investor reports, the platform's current withdrawal time is getting slower and slower, and sometimes it is not even possible to withdraw successfully within 72 hours.

    It can be seen that there may be a problem with the capital chain of the T1 mine, and a crash is imminent.

    The following is the original
    平台近两个月频繁修改提现规则,更是坐地起价,在收益不变的基础上,两次调高T1矿机价格。此外,据投资者爆料,平台现在提现的时间越来越慢,有时候甚至72小时内都不见得可以提现成功。 由此可见,T1矿场的资金链很有可能出现了问题,崩盘迫在眉睫。
    Unable to Withdraw



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