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    BIT3584901191 Investors
    Released in China


    Binance held ICX at the current price of 0.7619 and Ouyi OKEx at the time of 0.7873. Binance customer service said that the ICX price fluctuation range was normal. When buying, the highest price of Binance on the day was 0.9399 higher than the Ouyi OKEx price at 0.9394. Hold the position after buying. It was discovered that Binance was scammed. The difference between Binance’s ICX price and Ouyi OKEx’s ICX price was 10 to 12 points. It’s no wonder that Binance’s Weibo was blocked, and it was investigated for Bitcoin shorting in the United States on March 11. At the same time that Chalikong Bitcoin, the CEO of MicroStrategy announced on Twitter that MicroStrategy purchased another 262 Bitcoins for USD 15 million in cash, with a unit price of USD 57,146. As of March 12, the company has 91,326 bitcoins

    The following is the original
    币安持仓ICX当时价格0.7619,欧易OKEx当时价格0.7873,币安客服说ICX价格波动区间属正常,买的时候币安当天最高价格是0.9399比欧易OKEx0.9394价格高出,买入后持仓就发现币安诈骗了,币安ICX价格和欧易OKEx的ICX价格差价百分之10到12个点,难怪币安微博被封,在美国3月11遭调查比特币做空,币安被查利空比特币的同时,MicroStrategy 首席执行官在推特上宣布,MicroStrategy 以1500万美元的现金再次购买了262枚比特币,单价为57146美元。截至3月12日,公司已拥有91326枚比特币



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