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    零撸党 Brokers
    Released in China

    ZT Global

    The bull market is here, and some of the previous counterfeit exchanges can't sit still. ZT exchange is one of them, and now I have learned a trick. Airdrop candies to attract traffic, just issue a token and set a price at will for users to lure users. You can get more candies by pulling heads. In fact, it is a disguised form of pulling heads to attract investors to invest. You think you can withdraw cash after you slap it. You think too much. Just look at the D network that was exposed some time ago. 500 coins will be released in 100 installments, and 5 coins in each period need to be restricted. It is impossible for you to directly use it. When you discover the routine, in fact, ZT expanded its popularity, and its purpose was also achieved.

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